Career Resources

No matter what course of study you choose in the College of Arts and Letters, you will acquire skills that are powerful assets in any profession: the ability to think critically and creatively, to analyze complex information, to identify and solve problems, to write well, and to speak persuasively.

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And no matter what your major or professional goals, the Career Center’s dedicated team of experts is ready to connect you with the right opportunities, from networking and mentoring programs to internships to full-time jobs in almost every industry imaginable. And they're ready to help from the very first day you arrive on campus—even if you don’t yet know what path you want to pursue.

The Career Center Engagement Team works with first- and second-year students to discover each person’s unique mix of values, interests, personality, and skills. That insight, paired with the knowledge you learn in the classroom, can spark ideas for experiential career endeavors, from internships and career treks to study abroad and service-learning programs.

The Exploration Team’s career coaches work primarily with juniors and seniors, preparing you for job and graduate program searches, helping you discover where your VIPs are needed in the world, and devising a plan to get there. Coaches on the Exploration Team have industry expertise to help you navigate the recruiting practices unique to your specific areas of interest.

The Employer Relations Team devotes its energies to providing opportunities for students to connect with employers across all industries, including job and internship postings on GO IRISH, on-campus interviews, and for some industries, our various on-campus and off-campus career fairs. 

To help students break into industries with different recruiting practices, the College of Arts and Letters and the Career Center offer a variety of experiential programs, including mentoring opportunities and career treks. The spring break film and television trek to Los Angeles, for example, allows students to meet more 50 professionals and alumni in the entertainment industry while visiting sets and making pitches to agents. Other treks focus on graphic design, industrial design, art museums, auction houses, nonprofit, public relations, theater, sports, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical career paths.

The Career Center also offers an annual Arts and Letters Business Boot Camp, a four-day seminar held in Chicago during fall break for students interested in business careers. The boot camp covers various aspects of marketing and business operations, business etiquette, and understanding and using financial analysis. Participants also investigate two case studies, make presentations proposing solutions to those challenges, and meet and network with employers. 

The Arts and Letters Career Series encompasses all the programming The Career Center offers that is either specifically designed for Arts and Letters students or programs that are open to all students that Arts and Letters students can and should attend.

The series features workshops like Writing Your First Resume and Cover Letter, Finding & Funding Your Summer Internship, Arts and Letters Career Fair Prep, and Arts and Letters Majors—What Now?: The Job and Internship Search AFTER the Career Fair. It also includes industry nights such as Consulting Career Night, Careers in Intelligence and National Security, Wall Street Forum, Careers in Publishing, Making a Living Making a Difference, and many more. Such programs are designed to introduce students to myriad industries and professional opportunities and many times allow them to connect directly with employers and alumni.