TBC Small Grants

Applications Will Be Available for Academic Year 2023-24 in July

All College of Arts and Letters Instructors of Record, including regular faculty, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, are eligible to apply for a Teaching Beyond the Classroom Small Grant for their undergraduate classes. Please note that the Small Regular Grant is returning while the Honoraria Grant and DPAC tickets will remain.

TBC Small Regular Grants 

Instructors may apply for small grants for course-specific events, provided the total funding does not exceed $1500 during the academic year. Events not tied to a specific course will not be funded to an individual.
Chairs and DUSes may apply for a single $1500 grant for one departmental event in the academic year.

TBC Small Regular Grant Application - Available in July for 2023/2024

TBC Small Honoraria Grants

Individuals may apply for a $250 grant per undergraduate course taught during the academic year for Honoraria for outside speakers and guest artists. We are unable to fund events that are not tied to a specific class. 

TBC Small Grant/Honoraria Application - Available in July for 2023/2024

TBC DPAC Managed Tickets

If you wish to use your TBC application for tickets to performances on campus, managed by the DPAC Ticket office, please use this form instead. These tickets are available at a discount.

TBC DPAC Managed Tickets - Available in July for 2023/2024


After the grant is awarded, the instructor’s research and professional development account number will need to be provided to Megan Fitz, who will transfer the funds. For those without an R&PD account, please check with the admin in your department for the fund they have for you to use.

You can find more information about successful applications on the Teaching Beyond the Classroom Awards page.