TBC Major/Mid-Size Grants (Faculty)

Due dates for TBC Major and Mid-size Grants during the 2017-18 academic year will be 9 a.m., Monday, Oct. 23 (for spring semester projects) and 9 a.m. Monday, March 19 (for fall 2018 projects).

TBC Major and Mid-Size Grants are open only to regular faculty (full-time and SPF faculty) in the College of Arts and Letters. All College of Arts and Letters faculty, including adjuncts and visitors, may apply for a TBC Small Grant.

Major Grant (funding up to $20,000)

Examples of activities suitable for a Major Grant include taking students to a series of world-class cultural events (play, opera, etc.) or visiting a unique site that is the focus of a course and for which there is no reasonable analog nearby. It is expected that these activities will be scheduled during fall or spring break and that the trip will last at least four days.

Faculty can receive a maximum of one Major Grant every three years. This grant is highly competitive, as the College only funds one each semester.

Mid-Size Grant (funding up to $5,000)

Examples of such activities suitable for the Mid-Size Grant include taking students to a play, film, opera, or other cultural event located at a distance for which overnight accommodations would generally be needed.

Faculty can receive a maximum of one Mid-Size Grant per year and projects normally will not be funded two years in a row. This grant is competitive, as the College will only fund two to three grants per semester.


To apply for this award, an online application needs to be completed. Faculty should then submit an abbreviated CV along with a proposal of no more than 500 words, providing a description of the proposed event, cultural excursion, or other activity and a clear explanation of the ways this will help advance learning beyond the classroom to Brenda Teshka.

Please discuss how this course relates to a departmental major or college/university requirement and whether or not students will complete a substantial project based on the excursion, activity, or event. Also include an itemized budget for expenses. Students will be expected to contribute 20 percent of the cost. A letter of support from your department chair that describes the contribution the course makes to the department and that addresses your performance as a teacher should be sent under separate cover.

Please note that the class must be in progress at the time of the proposed project to ensure that it is maximally beneficial to all students in the class, even those who choose not to participate in the activity itself. More specifically, we do not fund projects that are planned to occur during winter or summer break periods as follow-up or anticipatory activities to a class. We also do not fund projects which can be construed as essentially student research projects for which students are eligible to receive their own research funding. Finally, we will not fund activities for which students must miss other classes.

Proposals will be vetted by a faculty committee that includes the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. You can find more information about successful applications on the Teaching Beyond the Classroom Awards page

Graduate students may apply for the TBC Graduate Student Grant.