Table Talk and Lunch Program

PLEASE NOTE - Table Talk and the Lunch Program will continue in some manner this academic year. Details to come in August 

The purpose of Table Talk is to encourage interaction between undergraduate students and faculty over a shared meal, in a relaxed social setting. The fund is designed to assist all faculty and graduate students who are instructor of record (not including TAs) with the costs of entertaining students in their homes or other appropriate venues where there will not be interruptions from other students or groups. Accordingly, Table Talk is not intended for bringing treats into the classroom. You may request one reimbursement per class, per semester.  No alcohol will be reimbursed.

Total Number of Students  
1-19 $150.00
20-49 $250.00
50+ $350.00

To be reimbursed for your expenses, please complete this Table Talk Form. Once your event has been held, you must request reimbursement from Table Talk funds by submitting a Travel and Expense Report form and attaching scanned copies of your receipts.

Table Talk Travelnd 2019 Step By Step For Faculty

Table Talk Travelnd 2019 Step By Step Graduate Instructor Instructions

In the rare case that you incur expenses in excess of the amounts in the table above, you may seek reimbursement from your research and professional development account. Be sure to list the account number to be used and include your approver. If you do not do so, the expense report will be only be approved for the  maximum amount allowed in the table above. Any request more than 90 days old will be taxed, and the amount reimbursed will appear as income on your W-2 form. 

If you have difficulty submitting your Table Talk expenses through TravelND and are unable to get staff help from your department, please contact Laurie Mastic or 574-631-9468.

Please submit Table Talk expense reports by June 15, for approval before August. Laurie is not available during the month of July for approvals. 

Table Talk funds and Meal Tickets are not available for use during the summer session.

Lunch Program

The Lunch Program enables faculty to have lunch with their undergraduate students in either of the dining halls. This is a great way to ensure that your students get to know you as well as each other. We will fund the cost of 5 faculty lunches. Students pay with their meal plans. This is available to all instructors of record. Teaching Assistants are not eligible.

The Value 5 Meals can be purchased by faculty through Campus Dining (current price is $36 + tax for a reimbursable total of $38.52). The lunches are placed directly onto the faculty member's ID Card and are good only during the semester purchased.  Once purchased, faculty will submit the charge for reimbursement through their TravelND, making Laurie Mastic the approver. Once approved, the money will be deposited directly into the faculty member's account.

Campus Dining Value 5 Meals - Instructions
Lunch Program Travelnd 2019 20 Step By Step For Faculty

As Value 5 Meals are not available to graduate students, graduate students who are Instructors of Record will need to submit a request for lunch tickets via email to Darla Karafa at least one week in advance of needing the tickets. Please request the number of tickets you will need. If you do not take the maximum number of tickets, more may be requested later, if needed. There is a change to the lunch tickets as they are now good for an entire academic year. We know you will be a good steward of this program. Therefore, if you do not use all your tickets during the fall semester, please use the ticket(s) you already have with the spring semester class you are teaching before requesting more, or return the tickets to 104 O'Shaughnessy. 

Ticket eligibility per semester is as follows:
If you teach 1-4 students total, you may request up to 2 tickets.
If you teach 5 or more students, you may request up to 5 tickets.