Table Talk Coffee Break and Lunch Program

Table Talk Coffee Break - NEW Fall Semester 2021

The purpose of Table Talk Coffee Break is to encourage interaction between undergraduate students and faculty in a relaxed setting. This fund is designed to assist faculty (not including TAs, only instructors of record) with the costs of taking their students to an on-campus site for coffee, other drinks or a small snack. There is a $5 maximum reimbursement per student plus instructor. 

Table Talk Coffee Break is not intended for bringing treats into the classroom, or meeting during class time. You may meet in smaller groups, therefore have several receipts for one class. Please ask for reimbursement only once per student.

After completing the Table Talk Coffee Break form, submit your detailed receipts for reimbursement through your TravelND account. Just make sure you change the "approval flow" in TravelND to Laurie Mastic. She will approve the funds as allowed per Table Talk Coffee Break policy and submit it to accounting for extraction into your bank account. It is preferred that you collect all the receipts and complete only one form and expense report per class. But it is acceptable to complete a form and expense report each time, if you are taking small groups. We do not want to place a financial burden on our instructors.

If you have questions, difficulty filling out this form, or filing your reimbursement through TravelND, please email Laurie or call 574-631-9468.

Lunch Program

The Lunch Program enables all Instructors of Record to have lunch with their undergraduate students in either of the dining halls. This is a great way to ensure that your students get to know you as well as each other. We will fund the cost of 5 Value lunches. Students pay with their meal plans. This is available to all instructors of record. Teaching Assistants are not eligible.

Faculty Lunch Program

The Value 5 Meals can be purchased by faculty through Campus Dining (current price is $41.40 + tax for a reimbursable total of $42.30). The lunches are placed directly onto the faculty member's ID Card and are good only during the semester purchased.  Once purchased, faculty will submit the charge for reimbursement through their TravelND, making Laurie Mastic the approver. Once approved, the money will be deposited directly into the faculty member's account.

Lunch Program Value 5 Meals Directions
Lunch Program Travelnd  Step By Step For Faculty

Graduate Student Instructor of Record Lunch program

If you are a Graduate Student who is the Instructor of Record, not a TA, then you also qualify to have lunch with your students in either of the dining halls. Please complete the Graduate Student Lunch Program Form to request the lunches. There will be 5 Value Meals placed on your ID Card, so you may have lunch with your students. These meals will expire at the end of the semester. 

Weekly orders are placed with Campus Dining for those requests received on Wednesday by 9am.