Table Talk and Meal Tickets

The purpose of Table Talk is to encourage interaction between undergraduate students and faculty over a shared meal, in a relaxed social setting. The fund is designed to assist faculty (not including TAs. Graduate students who are instructor of record ARE eligible) with the costs of entertaining students in their homes or other appropriate venues where there will not be interruptions from other students or groups. Accordingly, Table Talk is not intended for bringing treats into the classroom. You may request one reimbursement per class, per semester.  No alcohol will be reimbursed.

Total Number of Students  
1-19 $150.00
20-49 $250.00
50+ $350.00

To be reimbursed for your expenses, please complete this Table Talk Form. Once your event has been held, you must request reimbursement from Table Talk funds by submitting a Travel and Expense Report formand attaching scanned copies of your receipts.

Table Talk Travelnd 2018 Step By Step Instructions For Faculty

Table Talk Travelnd 2018 Step By Step Graduate Instructor Instructions


If you incur expenses in excess of the amounts in the table above, you may seek reimbursement for these from your discretionary account. Be sure to add your discretionary account number and also have the form signed by your department chair.

Any request more than 90 days old will be taxed, and the amount reimbursed will appear as income on your W-2 form. Reimbursement will be made as a direct deposit into your bank or credit union account by Accounts Payable, usually within two to four business days after Brenda Teshka’s approval. You will receive an email from the Accounting Office just prior to the deposit.

If you have difficulty submitting your Table Talk expenses through TravelND and are unable to get staff help from your department, please contact Brenda Teshka at 574-631-9468 or

Note: Table Talk funds and Meal Tickets are not available in the summer.

Meal Tickets

Meal tickets are available to tenured, tenure track and SPF faculty who wish to join their students for lunch or dinner in either North or South Dining Hall. Tickets may be obtained only in person at the Office for Undergraduate Studies in 104 O’Shaughnessy Hall. Faculty charged with teaching their own undergraduate classes may request a maximum of five lunch or dinner tickets per term.