By the completion of the fourth semester or its equivalent in Italian (Intermediate II), students are expected to have attained the following proficiency level:

Students will be able to interact with a greater degree of fluency and spontaneity in most informal and some formal discussions on topics that are familiar, of personal interest, or pertinent to everyday life. They will be able to combine and link sentences to describe experiences and express hopes and ambitions, and to give reasons and explanations for their opinions and plans.

Students will be able to write summaries and short compositions on a range of topics related to the target language culture and of general interest. They will improve their ability to combine and link sentences into connected, paragraph-length discourse, using a variety of verb tenses and moods. They will further develop the accuracy and organizational coherence of their writing.

Students will be able to understand the main points of extended speech and lectures and follow the general lines of more complex arguments, provided the topic is reasonably familiar. They will be able to understand standard speech from a variety of media (e.g. TV commercials, news segments, interviews, programs, and films).

Students will be able to read and understand texts from a variety of sources and begin to discern writers' attitudes and viewpoints. They will be able to understand texts written in varying literary styles (colloquial, lyric, dramatic, comic, etc.) of greater length and/or complexity.

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of cultural topics introduced in class, including aspects of history, geography, literature, and popular culture. They will develop a better understanding of the target language and culture through authentic materials, and will gain more profound insight into the relationship between the two.

Students will be able to reflect in the target language on their progress and language-learning goals and objectives. They will be able to define and refine their personal learning style and develop successful learning strategies. They will be more confident in their ability to document progress and articulate goals.