By the completion of the fourth semester or its equivalent in German (Intermediate German II), students are expected to have attained the following proficiency level:

Students can interact with some degree of fluency and spontaneity in most informal and classroom discussions on topics that are familiar, of personal interest, or pertinent to everyday life. They can combine and link sentences to describe experiences and express hopes and ambitions, and begin to give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Students can write summaries and short compositions on a range of topics that are of general interest or that relate to the target language culture. They can combine and link sentences into connected, paragraph-length discourse, using several verb tenses and moods. They can demonstrate increased accuracy and organizational coherence.

Students can understand the main points of extended speech and short lectures. They can generally follow an argument, provided the topic is familiar. They can understand standard speech from a variety of media.

Students can read and understand texts from a variety of sources and discern attitudes and viewpoints. They can understand texts written in a greater variety of styles and of a greater length and/or complexity than Intermediate I.

Students can demonstrate a basic knowledge of a variety of issues drawn from the history, geography, culture, and social life of German speaking communities. They can begin to formulate arguments about the role that historical events have played in shaping these issues. They can identify ways in which cultures change over time and influence each other. They can understand the multicultural heterogeneous nature of German speaking communities.

Students can articulate their own language learning goals and analyze their progress. They can describe course offerings and other resources for advancing in German and make informed choices from among them based on their own learning goals. They can demonstrate self-managed learning skills and strategies that will facilitate lifelong learning.