JoAnn DellaNeva

JoAnn DellaNeva

JoAnn DellaNeva

Associate Dean
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures

Contact Information

104 O’Shaughnessy Hall


Ph.D. – Princeton University
M.A. – Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania
A.B. – Bryn Mawr College

Areas of Interest

French and Italian Renaissance literature, comparative literature of the Renaissance, Renaissance love poetry, Franco-Italian literary relations, imitation theory and practice

Selected Honors

NEH Fellowship for College Teachers (1987; 1992–93); Kaneb Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2001); Faculty Fellow of the Kaneb Center (2002); Sixteenth-Century Society and Conference Literature Prize (2004)

Select Publications

  • Unlikely Exemplars: Reading and Imitating beyond the Italian Canon in French Renaissance Poetry. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2009.
  • Ciceronian Controversies. Ed. JoAnn DellaNeva; trans. Brian Duvick. The I Tatti Renaissance Library, 26. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2007.
  • Song and Counter-Song: Scève’s “Délie” and Petrarch’s “Rime”. Lexington: French Forum, 1983.

Selected articles and book chapters:

  • “Reading Desportes Through the Italians: Two Early Modern Readers’ Responses.” Italique: Poésie de la Renaissance Italienne (2008): 29–52.
  • “Ronsard and the ‘sein verdelet’ of Cassandre: Uncovering an Unexplored Italian Source.”Renaissance Studies 22 (2008): 542–556.
  • “An Exploding Canon: Petrarch and the Petrarchists in Renaissance France.” Annali d’italianistica 23 (2004): 189–206.
  • “Petrarchan Peregrinations in Scève’s Délie.” A French Forum: Mélanges de littérature française offerts à Raymond C. et Virginia A. La Charité. Eds. Gérard Defaux and Jerry C. Nash. Paris: Klincksieck, 2000, 195–209.
  • “A Propos de ‘Folle Amour’: Marot, Pétrarque et la Pléiade.” In Clément Marot “princes des poëtes françois,” 1496–1996: actes du colloque international de Cahors. Eds. Gérard Defaux and Michel Simonin. Paris: Champion, 1997, 381–389.
  • “Ravishing Beauties in the Amours of Ronsard: Rape, Mythology and the Petrarchist Tradition,”Neophilologus, 73 (1989): 23–35.
  • “Mutare/mutatus: Pernette Du Guillet’s Actaeon Myth and the Silencing of the Poetic Voice,” InWomen in French Literature. Ed. Michel Guggenheim. Stanford French and Italian Studies, 58. Saratoga, CA: Anma Libri, 1988, 47–55.