Academic Policies

At the University of Notre Dame, faculty don’t just teach a particular department’s curriculum or subject matter, be it anthropology, poetry, theology, American studies, or languages and literatures; they also teach ethical expectations and help guide students on how to live a meaningful life.

As educators, we entrust our students to become responsible global citizens. To achieve this goal, we hold our students to certain standards and count on them to follow policies that facilitate the completion of their degree and empower them throughout their academic journeys and beyond.

As intellectuals, we are all always searching for the truth inside and outside the classroom. To uphold this value, we embrace the highest standard of honesty and agree that:

“As a member of the Notre Dame community, I will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.”

For more information, go to the Academic Code of Honor and the Supplemental To The Undergraduate Academic Code


Recent Changes

The most recent update took place in September 2015. This included changes to the internship credit policy and summer studies policy.

About Individual Policies