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The Arts and Letters College Council consists of an equal number of ex officio and elected members. The ex officio members of each College Council consist of the dean of the College, associate and assistant deans, the chairpersons of all departments under the jurisdiction of the College, and any other administrators designated by the respective College Council. The Council is an advisory body to the Dean.

All regular faculty of the College are eligible to vote for, and be elected as, representatives. Representatives serve staggered three-year terms. The College Council also has student representatives selected according to procedures, numbers, and terms decided by the Council. The dean chairs the council and appoints its secretary.

The College Council reviews the policies, practices, and procedures of the College. The Council meets at the call of the chairperson, and any Council member may request a special meeting. The chairperson also calls a meeting upon petition of 20 percent of the Council members. Decisions of the Council are by majority vote and subject to the approval of the dean. At its discretion, the Council may call meetings of or conduct referenda among the College faculty.


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