Ernest Morrell

Ernest Morrell

Associate Dean for the Humanities and Equity; Director, Notre Dame Center for Literacy Education; Coyle Professor in Literacy Education; Professor, Department of English and Department of Africana Studies

(574) 631-3756

Senior Administrative Coordinator: Megan Snyder

Faculty Recruitment, Appointments, and Departmental Coordination

  • Approve recruitment ads for departments in the Humanities
  • In consultation with the search committees, approve short list for on-campus visits
  • Interview all junior faculty candidates in the Humanities (American Studies, Classics, East Asian Languages and Literature, English, History, Philosophy, Program of Liberal Studies, and Theology).
  • Review terms and author letters of offer in the Humanities.
  • In consultation with the Dean and the department chairpersons, review recruitment of women, minority, and mission faculty candidates.
  • Administer appointment process and materials in Humanities departments for the following:
    - Endowed chairs (including the organization of endowed chair committees)
    - Preliminary screening of promotion packets in the Humanities
    - Junior faculty
    - Visitor and adjunct faculty
    - Approve budget allocations for non-regular faculty appointments and salaries
  • Administer faculty leaves within the Division of Humanities.
  • Administer salary appeals within the Division of Humanities.
  • Review and coordinate non-Regular teaching within the Division of Humanities
  • Discuss retirement options with faculty in the Division of Humanities.
  • Participate in departmental and program reviews in the Division of Humanities.
  • Prepare mid-term reviews of chairpersons within the Division of Humanities
  • In consultation with the departments, prepare for the Dean a list of external reviewers of departments in the Humanities.

Program Supervision

  • Center for the Study of the Philosophy of Religion
  • Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism
  • Devers Program in Dante Studies
  • Medieval Institute

Graduate Studies in the Humanities

  • Supervise graduate programs within the Division of Humanities, including the Ph.D. in Literature, the Medieval Institute and the History and Philosophy of Science program.
  • Compile annual metrics for graduate studies in the Humanities.

Direct Reports

  • Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • Director, Medieval Institute
  • Director, Center for Philosophy of Religion
  • Director, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism
  • Director, Maritain Center

Committee Assignments

  • Arts and Letters Advisory Committee on Women in Arts and Letters (Chair)
  • Arts and Letters College Council
  • Arts and Letters Deans and Chairpersons
  • Arts and Letters Executive Committee
  • Arts and Letters Faculty Search Request Review Committee
  • Arts and Letters Space Committee
  • Humanities Space Committee (Chair)
  • Pre-screening Committee for Non-Obligatory Promotions

Liaison Relationships

  • Office of General Counsel
  • Office of Academic Mission Support
  • Office of Institutional Equity
  • Human Resources
  • Graduate School
  • Office of the Provost
  • University Libraries
  • Arts and Letters Nominating and Elections Committee