Margaret Meserve

Margaret Meserve

Associate Dean for the Humanities and Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor of History


Senior Administrative Coordinator: Megan Snyder

Faculty Recruitment, Appointments, and Departmental Coordination

  • Approve recruitment ads for departments in the Humanities
  • In consultation with the search committees, approve short list for on-campus visits
  • Interview all junior faculty candidates in the Humanities (American Studies, Classics, East Asian Languages and Literature, English, German and Russian Languages and Literatures, History, Philosophy, Program of Liberal Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures, Irish Language and Literatures, and Theology).
  • Review terms and author letters of offer in the Humanities.
  • In consultation with the Dean and the department chairpersons, review recruitment of women, minority, and mission faculty candidates.
  • Administer appointment process and materials in Humanities departments for the following:
    - Endowed chairs (including the organization of endowed chair committees)
    - Preliminary screening of promotion packets in the Humanities
    - Junior faculty
    - Visitor and adjunct faculty
    - Approve budget allocations for non-regular faculty appointments and salaries
  • Administer faculty leaves within the Division of Humanities.
  • Administer salary appeals within the Division of Humanities.
  • Review and coordinate non-Regular teaching within the Division of Humanities
  • Discuss retirement options with faculty in the Division of Humanities.
  • Participate in departmental and program reviews in the Division of Humanities.
  • Prepare mid-term reviews of chairpersons within the Division of Humanities
  • In consultation with the departments, prepare for the Dean a list of external reviewers of departments in the Humanities.

Faculty Affairs in Arts and Letters

  • In consultation with the Dean, serve as point-of-contact for chairpersons on faculty personnel issues, especially those requiring the involvement of the Office of the Provost, the Office of the General Counsel and Human Resources.

Program Supervision

  • Devers Program in Dante Studies
  • Medieval Institute

Graduate Studies in the Humanities

  • Supervise graduate programs within the Division of Humanities, including the Ph.D. in Literature, the Medieval Institute and the History and Philosophy of Science program.
  • Compile annual metrics for graduate studies in the Humanities.

Direct Reports

  • Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • Director, Medieval Institute
  • Director, Center for Philosophy of Religion (CPR)
  • Director, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism
  • Director, Maritain Center

Committee Assignments

  • Arts and Letters Advisory Committee on Women in Arts and Letters (Chair)
  • Arts and Letters College Council
  • Arts and Letters Deans and Chairpersons
  • Arts and Letters Executive Committee
  • Arts and Letters Faculty Search Request Review Committee
  • Arts and Letters Space Committee
  • Pre-screening Committee for Non-Obligatory Promotions

Liaison Relationships

  • Office of General Counsel
  • Office of Academic Mission Support
  • Office of Institutional Equity
  • Human Resources
  • Graduate School
  • Office of the Provost
  • University Libraries
  • Arts and Letters Nominating and Elections Committee